Our values

Our values

Our values - Innovation


SP3H is an eco-innovative company. Our team has been devoted to the sensor technology innovation for the past decade. Innovation is the keyword to our approach. SP3H is the only company worldwide able to present this kind of specific technology: a miniaturized fuel quality sensor robust and reliable enough to withstand real driving conditions while accurately and consistently deliver fuel quality data results.

The solution we offer is unique on the market place and delivers a significant competitive advantage for all transport applications along with stationary power, fuel refining and storage and distribution activities.
One sensor, a unique approach using NIR spectroscopy, and many user applications - bringing fuel savings and emissions reductions to the benefit of all.

This is what Innovation means to SP3H.



Many factors have brought a clear recognition of the need to reduce the environmental impact of the transportation sector, and bring better air quality to our cities and wider urban conurbations.

At SP3H, we address this challenge. Indeed, we offer a key solution for enabling eco-mobility. Our fuel quality sensor is a technological building block in allowing eco-mobility progress.

We have achieved a step forward with the implementation of the SP3H fuel quality sensor in real driving condition, demonstrating the successful outcomes of our technology.

SP3H, an Eco-mobility solution made in Provence.

Teamwork - one of the values of SP3H


The starting point and the core creative skills of SP3H is its team. It is this special group that kindled and enabled our solution from concept to product. Unique know-how has been built up over time. Our team of 15 key individuals, including four Doctors of Sciences, pioneers of near-infrared technology, and experts in optoelectronics, signal processing and combustion engines, represent the creative strength of SP3H.

We have a strong culture around teamwork, and it is of great importance in our company. We emphasize human interaction and foster positive working relations between each member. At SP3H, each person is unique and brings an added value for the company. But working interactively as a team, with a passion for creative solutions, that is where our innovative sensor systems and designs come from.

At SP3H, this is what Teamwork stands for.