Engineering support

The SP3H team is a multidisciplinary skills group in refining, fuels, engine, optics, design and statistics. SP3H team is able to internally develop custom solutions on optical technologies, from the requirement specifications to the search of components and suppliers.

Based on academic research and follow-on in-house development, the SP3H team has developed complex skills in the data mining. SP3H also developed dedicated modules for the execution of all statistics analysis according to specifications.

Because every market and application is different, our primary goal is to fulfil your specific need in your application area. The SP3H team will work with you to meet your unique needs. Our solutions can be achieved by means of:
• Hardware design optimization for specific packaging, performance, robustness, lifetime and unit cost requirements
• Software customization to provide and display diagnostic information dedicated to each customer / user requirement
• Data analysis and software integration for remote monitoring and data display.

Our solution for adding value to your business consists in providing your Decision Making Tool.