In-line application

In-line application: FQIS

FQIS - Fuel Quality In-line Sensor

SP3H has developed the Fuel Quality In-line Sensor (FQIS) to control in real time and on the field, the quality of any kind of liquid. Based on the NIR (Near Infrared) technology, this sensor provides the molecular composition of any kind of liquid in a few seconds.
FQIS is an embedded fuel sensor which provides in real time any liquid molecular composition. This information is useful in your process for detecting any "unexpected liquid" from its molecular composition. In other words it makes it possible to quickly identify any issue with the measured liquid.
For fuel application, the FQIS checks fuel quality in engines or stored in tanks. With the help of this information, engine performance can be optimized to reduce consumption and pollutant emissions. Any bad or dangerous fuel which could be a risk for the health of the engine can be safely detected before any damage occurs.

Identify the fuel quality anytime anywhere:
•Real-time measurement
•Fits into engines’ fuel system or in tank
•Fits into an industrial process
•Fast measurement process (<1min)
•Liquid molecular composition analysis
•Water detection
•Fuel quality detection
•Customized outputs