Laboratory application

Laboratory application: FQDT

SP3H has developed the Fuel Quality Diagnostic Tool (FQDT) for use in any off-board operation. Based on the NIR (Near Infrared) technology, this sensor provides the molecular composition of the fuel in a few seconds.
The FQDT is a first level fuel diagnostic tool designed to give the capability to check the quality of the fuel, quickly and cost-effectively. By screening the fuel, the FQDT is useful for detecting any "unexpected fuel" from its molecular composition. In other words it makes it possible to quickly identify any issue with the fuel.
The FQDT is easy to handle and can be performed by any operator after a few minutes of training. The recorded information is then processed by the SP3H software which delivers a clear message, tailored to the customers diagnostics need; so no technical expertise is required to understand the results of the analyze.