Fuel adulteration

Fuel adulteration: storage

Due to a long storage period, fuel quality can widely evolved and be different from its initial quality. Storage conditions, condensation, bacteria or the fuel itself can all distort its composition. Depending on the type and degree of the contamination, fuel could generate engine failure.

You might think that the fuel used in September will be as good as the one stored in March… In a perfect world it could be... However, reality is far from it.

Fuel adulteration: fraud

When different products, visibly similar, are at different prices without efficient tools to distinguish quality, operators can illegally take advantage of the situation to shoot up their profitability margins. Illegal practices are usual in business at a global level, fuel adulteration being the main one. Kerosene or water have been diverted from their initial use for adulteration in petrol and diesel. The incentive is the huge price difference between fuel and adulterant product. But fuel smuggling also induces serious threats to benefits
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