Highlights on SP3H eco-mobility solution presented at CES, Las Vegas

Las Vegas and its Consumer Electronic Show was the place to be to present SP3H fuel box which digitalizes in real-time brand new information – the Quality of the Fuel – in order to reduce the fuel consumption and cut down pollutant emissions.



SP3H received 2015 European Automotive Fuel Quality Sensors Technology Innovation Award

SP3H is recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2015 European Automotive Fuel Quality Sensors Technology Innovation Award.

As recognition of its impressive technological achievements with fuel quality sensor systems, SP3H has just received Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 European Technology Innovation Award. The Award Ceremony will be held in Monaco on October, the 22nd.

On acknowledging Frost & Sullivan’s Award, Alain Lunati, founder of SP3H, commented “it has been a pathway of continuous development and considerable effort by the SP3H team to reach this point. I am very proud of the team’s achievements and immensely honoured by the recognition from Frost & Sullivan, which places SP3H as the Automotive Fuel Quality Sensors market leader.”

Download full press release here : EN Press Release Sept – F&S


SP3H remporte le Prix 2015 de l’Innovation Technologique pour son Capteur Qualité Carburant

SP3H fête sa dixième année de développement, et s’est vue décerner par Frost & Sullivan, le Prix 2015 de l’Innovation Technologique pour son Capteur Qualité Carburant.

C’est grâce à son exceptionnelle innovation technologique que Frost & Sullivan a attribué à la société le Prix 2015 de l’Innovation Technologique Européenne. La Cérémonie de Remise de Prix se tiendra à Monaco, le 22 Octobre.

En recevant cette récompense, Alain Lunati, fondateur de SP3H, a déclaré : « si nous en sommes à ce stade aujourd’hui, c’est parce-que nous sommes restés en constante évolution grâce aux efforts fournis par notre équipe. Je suis fier de ce que celle-ci a accompli, et particulièrement honoré par ce Prix qui place SP3H en leader européen sur le marché des capteurs qualité carburant.»

Télécharger le communiqué de presse complet ici : FR Communiqué de Presse Sept – F&S


SP3H Magic or Scientific ? A bit of both !

An on-board sensor in my car in order to reduce my polluting emissions and saving money on my fuel bills, magical or scientific ?   A bit of both…

SP3H, an eco-innovating French company, has developed an on-board sensor, which measures, in real time, the quality of your fuel, gasoline or diesel.

For the first time ever and convinced that understanding its solution requires pedagogy, SP3H launches today a video designed for the consumer.

What is this video about ?

Our means of transport alone, account for close to 25% of polluting emissions.

If you could have a positive impact on the environment while saving money and without changing your habits, would you hesitate?

Did you know that the composition of fuels can vary from one pump to another and that this variability affects your consumption and emission rate?

Could you imagine lowering your emission rate and saving on your fuel budget by simply adapting to this variability?

And what if this was possible as of today?